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      Briefing papers and information reports

Producing information and data in a clear and legible design is more important than many people appreciate. If the text gallops across the page, 20 words a line, if the lines are set at the default word processing leading, if the margins are tight ‘to save space’, the information is not going to be easily read.

‘Working towards Recovery’: a report and resource guide on how people with mental health problems can be helped back into employment, produced for the King’s College Institute for Applied Health and Social Policy.


‘Hidden Skills, Hidden Talent’, a report on how to support mental health service users from black and ethnic minorities back into work.


We have designed a number of ‘toolkits’ and information reports on health management issues for countries in the developing world, including several produced and edited by us in Spanish.


A series of country health briefing papers designed and produced for DFID’s health resources centre


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